Wait, what is this about?

Hi there!

Welcome to the Virtually Sanaya newsletter! This is where I, Sanaya ☺️, write about the three things most important to me:

  1. Relationships: Be it friends, colleagues, family, or pets, we all share a unique bond with each other. The why and how of building, growing, improving and sometimes even breaking relationships.

  2. Work: For some it is life, for some it is hell! For me, well it’s both of these and more. I talk about life as a freelancer with anecdotes from the corporate lifestyle.

  3. Food: I love FOOD. I DO LIVE TO EAT and I don’t find anything wrong with that. From food reviews, recipes, food photography, fav. restaurants, cooking, (and cleaning), I want to take you to my Food Planet.

You might find a one-off random post that will seem Out-Of-The-Blue, but don’t worry, there must be a connection. Did you know that everything in life falls under at least one of the above categories?

Gratitude is everything!

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